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We are a husband and wife team with two amazing kids (almost 5, and 2)! We love adventure and travelling as much as possible as a family. Our kids go Everywhere with us, and we love it that way!  

I, AJ am a registered nurse working in the ER of a rural hospital and also run Beachbody support and accountability groups through my business called Beaches And Dreams Holistic Fitness. I love helping others and being able to do both my workouts and run the business from literally anywhere!  
B is a paramedic on a First Nations reservation which is very busy. His shifts are 24h long but after just two shifts he is done for the week! It is amazing for our family life and I can work around his schedule so we are always with and raising our kids. 

We will be adopting home/road schooling this fall as we embark on a 6 month journey from Canada to Central America and back! We are so excited to teach on the road and also learn alongside our kids about everything this world has to offer. Homeschooling is new to us and we are always looking for new ideas and ways to teach the kids. Our kids are excited about learning which makes us excited about teaching!  

Over those course of our journey and future travels, we will be providing tips about family travel, places to see, what to do and what not to do.  

This is an exciting time in our lives and can't wait to share our experiences with you.

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We have started writing for and cannot wait to share our experiences, tips and tricks with the world about family travel!
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